Ruin Lust


An online trilogy on brutalism, hauntology and nostalgia

📷 Montserrat Gardó Castillo & Petr Hastik / Design Montserrat Gardó Castillo ©️ 2021

„It started as a magnificent ruin even before the building was completed” (Reyner Banham on Brutalism).

The American architect Louis Kahn wrote:

“What was has always been. What is has always been. What will be has always been”.

Monuments, buildings, videos, images or objects help us remember.

As voluntary or involuntary triggers.

As if memory would be untrustful, weak or too fragile to depend on.

The assurance of mass.

There’s individual memory and there’s collective memory.

In The Spectres of Marx Derrida states:

“One can never distinguish between the future-to-come and the coming-back of a spectre”.

These sessions are part of a current research on how to create online and participative experiences recalling together processes of memory and perception.

Through an experimental intermedia approach, we will propose different formats such as: remote concert, automatic search, collective mind practices, gameyeur, non-linear narratives, reenactment or shared video works.

The goal of these sessions is to create a safe space for engagement and exploration that challenges the division: producer/consumer or maker/audience and that aim at generating together experiences on concepts such as brutalism, hauntology and nostalgia.


There will be 3 sessions:

1) The Brutal Concert

2) Man-made landscapes and crashes

3) The ghosting image


Concept and presentation: Montserrat Gardó Castillo & Petr Hastik

Dramaturgy assistance: René Alejandro Huari Mateus and Annette Müller

Music collaboration for the session 1) The Brutal Concert: Nicolás Kretz

Comments and reviews: 

Supported by the Sonderfonds der Kunststiftung NRW „BEGRENZT – ENTGRENZT
,  FFT Düsseldorf, Künstlerstipendium im Rahmen der NRW-Corona-Hilfen; and developed through different group sessions.