The prototype sessions coming to your overloaded screens

The prototype sessions are part of a current research on how to create online and participative performance experiences triggering processes of memory and perception.

Within small groups of participants (from 6 to 10), the goal of these sessions is to propose and interact with some material in order to create collective experienced events.

The basic technology used is  Zoom software, but the formats are very open and it is part of the research itself. Most of the propositions require an active participation and examine a series of topics as well as the support (or technique) used for it.

We’ve developed 6 different sessions using specific formats and propositions for each session.

The session’s calls are communicated through a mailing list.

These sessions are supported by the Sonderfonds der Kunststiftung NRW „BEGRENZT – ENTGRENZT ZEIT FÜR EINE ZEITENWENDE?“ and the Künstlerstipendium im Rahmen der NRW-Corona-Hilfen.